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Arizona Israel Innovation Trip: Our Final Thoughts

As promised in our last blog, we asked the Arizona business leaders who participated in the inaugural innovation trip to Israel organized by the Arizona Israel Technology Alliance in partnership with the Arizona Technology Council, to give us their thoughts after returning home.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Arizona is fortunate to have organizations working on our behalf to strengthen the ties between our state and Israel. The innovation coming out of both geographies present a tremendous opportunity for collaboration, as we saw first-hand on this trip. The success of our respective high-tech sectors is destined to skyrocket as we continue to work together.” – Linda Capcara, President, TechTHiNQ

“Yavapai College works diligently to positively increase the number of qualified people available in the workforce, as well as partner with the community to attract and retain business and industry. Thanks to the Arizona Israeli Technology Alliance and the Arizona Technology Council for allowing Yavapai College representation on the trip.” – Rodney Jenkins, Vice President Community Relations, Yavapai College

“The recent Arizona Israel Technology Alliance and Arizona Technology Council delegation trip to Israel was a huge success. Arizona and Israel have always had an abundance of ‘compatibility’. The facilitation of greater business opportunity between Arizona and Israel requires more than compatibility, it requires ‘connectivity’. The trip served to catalyze the necessary connectivity that will drive the relationship and outcomes to an entirely new level.” – Hank Marshall, Economic Development Executive Officer, City of Phoenix

“A true ground-breaking event and happy to be part of the first Israel Innovation trip.  Great opportunities lie ahead for Arizona and Israel technology companies.” – Marc T. Pierce, Principal, Lee & Associates

“Amazing opportunity to see first-hand the Israeli ecosystem which has produced scores of promising new tech companies.  Israel and Arizona share many common economic factors including the dependence on new entrepreneurial companies.” – Quinn Williams, Corporate Securities Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig

“This was an amazing opportunity to see first-hand the ‘start-up nation’ of technology companies, entrepreneurs and investors that Israel has developed. It is clear to me that Arizona has so much to offer in the way of partnership, innovation, investment and access. The Arizona-Israel Technology Alliance and the Arizona Technology Council stand at the very center of this exciting and dynamic relationship, and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow in importance and influence in the near future.” – Ryan Williams, Attorney, Liberty Mutual Insurance

“I was struck by the incredible parallels between Arizona and Israel, and by the interest in, and potential for, a phenomenal level of collaboration, business opportunity and trade.” – Steve Zylstra, President & CEO, Arizona Technology Council

As you can see by their remarks, it’s not a stretch to say that the trip was a huge success and serves as a springboard for more to come. Arizona and Israel have a lot in common. Both societies are extremely supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit and have a lot of brainpower to offer. We share water issues, border issues and embrace diversity. Building a closer relationship with each other will pay dividends for many years to come.

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